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Batch+ FE Highlights


Batch+ FE is a community release of a larger application that will be integrated into the Full OSD+ range of products. Batch+ FE is design to enable a quick uptake of App-V 4.6 and testing of Packages on x64 platforms. It allows batch editing of OSD files in multiple "Content Roots", adding any selection of the new <OS x64> operating systems.

No App-V infrastructure required
Multiple "Content Roots" updated in one Batch+ Job
Choose x64 <OS>s to add to all OSD files in chosen "Content Roots"
All previous <OS>s remain intact
If <OS> is already present, no duplication created
Summary Report for Passed / Failed
Detailed Report showing status of each OSD file


Batch+ FE Overview

Launch Batch+ FE and you will be presented with this GUI


Running a Job:

Browse for "Content Roots" and attach them to the Job with the "Add" button.
To remove "Content Roots" from the job, check those to be removed and click "Delete Button" (Red X)
Check the <OS> versions that are to be added to all OSD files
Click "Run"



For each "Content Root" selected in the Job, confirmation will be requested. Confirm with "Yes", cancel for Name "Content Root" with "No".


Tool Menu:

Summary Report at the bottom of Page shows total success and total fail for all selected "Content Roots" 
Results Pane shows result for each individual OSD selected in the Batch+ FE Job


An Intercept sponsored project:

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