Take Back Control:


OSD+ helps you take back control of your App-V deployment. Launch-test and troubleshoot applications, edit OSD files, create manifest files

All from within the same GUI, all with no infrastructure requirements.






OSD+ Beta Release News

AppPlus release OSD+ BETA

AppPlus is proud to officially announce the beta release of OSD+. Our beta program is designed to allow the App-V community to trial the functionality of OSD+, offer feedback and make feature requests, before the first fully available version is released to the public. Please make use of the forums and other communication channels, in order that we can add further functionality and ensure the first full release of OSD+ is as beneficial as possible.
Thank you for your support
The AppPlus Team.

OSD+ Highlights

No App-V infrastructure required for application testing
File streaming capabilities into App-V client
Launch Application from inside the GUI
Launch troubleshooting tools inside the application's virtual environment
Create manifest files for SCCM and 3rd party delivery software integration
Edit OSD files safely
Create "dynamic suite compositions" with the click of a button
Import registry files into the OSD file
Restore OSD files to previous save points
App-V 4.6 support


OSD+ Overview

Project Efficiency


Staff Effectiveness

OSD+ is a highly valuable software tool which has been designed to enhance, enable and simplify the post sequencing phases of Microsoft App-V infrastructures. This applies not only to new App-V deployments, but also suitable for App-V upgrades and normal business operations. By leveraging OSD+, businesses should see a 20%-50% time saving per application* through all phases from post package creation to the delivery of applications for production use.

*time savings vary depending on application complexity and troubleshooting requirements

  Using OSD+ will dramatically reduce the time required to train new staff in App-V competencies. Training time can be reduced by as much as 50%, meaning staff are operationally capable far quicker, providing an incredibly fast return on any investment made in OSD+


Business Challenges

Although the benefits and returns from the use of Microsoft's App-V are extremely compelling, organisations managing large application sets may view its introduction as a daunting task, and potentially too time consuming to undertake. So whilst the benefits remain, it is often difficult to justify a strong enough business case to support an App-V implementation. When considering the time required to package and deliver applications via a new mechanism, there are a number of areas where both software and automation can help speed up the "time per application" requirements.

The first (and the only one currently being addresses by other software vendors) is to automate the sequencing process. Whilst this does have value in reducing delivery times, it is not the most time consuming factor in delivering applications to an end user production workspace.

The post sequencing process is where, if made more efficient, App-V projects can reclaim far greater delivery time savings and accuracies. It is this belief, based on 6 years of App-V consultancy and real-world experience, which led the AppPlus team to create OSD+.

Operational Benefits

Following the implementation phase of an App-V deployment there is obviously a requirement for ongoing maintenance and management of that environment. Unfortunately application sets never remain static, nor do the operating environments applications reside in. As business requirements continue to change (e.g. Operating System upgrades, application version changes, fixes and patches etc) OSD+ will continue to bring the same time saving efficiencies delivered in the deployment stage of a project, to business as usual operations.



Dynamic Suite Composition Reporting

Select multiple Content Roots to report on

Show all OSD files that contain dynamic suite composition settings

Filter to show only possitive results



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